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In Slowtrends you’ll mainly find stories and beautiful things. There’s lots of beautiful things out there but not everything is special. I spend a fair amount of time online and I am (probably as much as you are) constantly discovering new brands and products that amaze me. However, due to the fast nature of information consumption online I find it very difficult to digest and I end up feeling overwhelmed. If I want to buy something I don’t know where to go anymore because I’ve forgotten everything already. We live in a society that sells us mass-produced, unsustainable, cruel, unfair and toxic products at a massive scale and I think it’s time to sit down and think. There’s a lot of people out there making real big efforts to change the status quo and make a difference, and I think it’s only fair that we give them something in return.

Slowtrends wants to create a space for brands that are trying to make things differently. Some of the stories are really fascinating and I know myself that it’s not always practicable to apply this philosophy to all sides of life, but small steps and small changes make a big difference. Trends are fast and gone but here we want to take things slowly. If you too are interested in handmade, sustainable, organic, ethical, cruelty-free, recyclable quality goods then you are in the right place. All brands featured here are trying to do good to our planet and to ourselves, somehow. None of them are giving anything in return, they are here because I found them and wanted to share their story. Hope you find them inspiring.

Hope you find them inspiring.


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  1. Hallo Slowtrends

    My name is Jolanda and I live in The Netherlands. Before I lived in Morroc for a while, I worked with streetkids and after a fair amount of Trying to make iT work, I decided to take my expirience as a designer and work with Morrocan women, whom make raffia-products.

    The start of JamingoEssaouira was there…

    So there I am, I started in 2015 with a small amount of shoes, and sold them though a story in Amsterdam.

    Since then Stores and online platforms are gathering, selling raffia-shoes, and I’m travelling up and down to Morroc to invest in a collective of women who understand bussiness, and work hard and deliver good products.

    2016 I decided to work with fellow Designers from Holland and convince them to work with the collective.

    This year several designers are presentiegeld their work and I direct the raffia-bussiness to the women-collective.

    No interfearing of dodgy between persons in Morroc who take money and give nearly nothing to the ones who make te shoes. Nope, financial Independence for the women is the first step to; education for their daughters.

    Though my work as youthworker I’ve seen alot of poverty. And many young girls in Morroc don’t attend school.

    I wanted to share this story!

    Instagram: JamingoEssaouira

    So it’s mainly a social project, by making a super design we give out project wheels!

    Greetings Jolanda van Iersel
    Skype Jaming0

    1. Hi Jolanda, thanks a lot for sharing your story. This is what Slowtrends is about.
      Thanks for taking the time to visit our website and leaving a comment. We’ll keep in touch.

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