We Wood: Plant a tree with every watch

Even if we were to dedicate our lives to plant a tree every day, nothing would really change for the millions of acres of land that are deforested daily. We are in constant need of land for farming, for building and for exploiting all natural resources we can get our hands on. Some of us are already using platforms like Ecosia which plants trees with the revenue they get from selling adds. Using Ecosia is free, you just use it as any other search engine. Lots of brands are now adding themselves on to the list of environmental consciousness.

WeWood is an Italian-born brand that designs watches made out of wood. They plant a tree for each watch sold. They partnered up with American Forests to do it and their goal is getting to 100 millions of trees planted by 2020. They also make sunglasses out of cotton. Both products are highly eco-friendly and sustainable as they are biodegradable. You can check out the whole range on their website.


Photos: WeWood

Instagram: @wewoodwatch

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