Wax & Wick Workshop: Natural wax candles on repurposed glass bottles

Who doesn’t like candles? We love them, but not every candle.

Most candles that you can find on any average high street shop are made of paraffin which is essentially a byproduct of petroleum. Paraffin is a petrochemical gas that comes out as a liquid oil derived from refining petroleum. It is originally dark in colour but it’s heavily bleached for use in candles so it appears white and then it can be dyed into any colour afterwards. This bleach used is concentrated to 100% and it’s additionally combined with solidifiers like acrolein, an also known carcinogen. It is also used as a lubricant and emulsifier in many skincare products. We know, this sounds pretty bad. It is. The reality is, lots of skincare products use petroleum byproducts to achieve an oily and smooth texture. Back to candles, the paraffin releases toxins like benzene and toluene which are known carcinogens. This is essentially like sniffing diesel fumes when a car engine starts. And on top of the paraffin, it is also bad that in most candles, the lead that burns has metal components. The heat releases metal particles into the atmosphere and we then breathe in those particles.

We believe it is time that people start really doing some research into the candles they use and making informed decisions when purchasing a new one.

We are particularly amazed by Wax & Wick candles. They repurpose bottles from local pubs in Primrose Hill (London) and hand pour natural soya wax on them to make this delightful candles. We think they are pretty awesome. Recycled container and natural vegetal wax with no artificial fragrances or chemicals. Bliss.

Purchase Wax & Wick candles HERE.



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