VOLP, vegan watches designed in Valencia

VOLP really touches me as they are based in Valencia, which is my hometown and they are also good friends with one of my best friends so I feel especially proud to feature them. Ángela, the founder of the brand, is passionate about watches and has a strange fascination with the concept of time. She believes we often don’t pay enough attention to time and how it passes by without us realizing. For her, time is a priority in life and that is part of the reason she embarked on this personal project. Time is an abstract concept that at the same time is so present in our lives, we cannot escape it.

VOLP launched as a brand in February 2016 with the aim of blending these two passions: watches and time, together with the love for animals and the planet. The brand wanted to raise concern about animal’s welfare and the need of looking for more sustainable materials. VOLP does not use animal skins in any of its products. The word VOLP comes from the latin root of Vulpes, which means fox. And the fox in the brand is of black color because there’s a breed of foxes in the Mariola mountains in Valencia that are black due to a genetical mutation.

They design watches and pet leads mainly and all their products are PETA-approved vegan. They are functional, unisex and have a minimalistic design which makes them suitable for any occasion and great to wear on a daily basis.
You can purchase VOLP here.


Photos: VOLP



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