Verónica Moar, handmade ceramics

If you are a ceramic lover, you are gonna love Verónica Moar’s artwork. I guess ceramics are considered a craft but they should be elevated to the art category, in my humble opinion, as you can really find some special pieces out there. She has always been a crafty soul and she set up her online shop to go one step further with her ceramic crafting. Every single piece is handmade and unique so the photos that you can see on the website are for reference only. Artisan making involves slow processes that aren’t easy. Us, at Slowtrends, strongly feel and believe we all should turn to support small, unique, handmade and original goods produced in small batches ethically and consciously.


Verónica Moar’s simplistic designs have character. Despite having a rustic look, pieces seem to tell a story with very minimalist finishes. She uses a brush to add some color to her pieces, which has become her signature. Her soap dish and teapot have oriental influences. In Japan, they have been working with clay for hundreds of years and their techniques are quite unique. Verónica herself spent a month last year training in Japan. You can see some photos in her blog.

If you love handmade and original creations, you must add one of Verónica’s creations to your home. Check out her work HERE.


Photos: Verónica Moar

Instagram: @veronica_moar


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