Two Thirds, help preserve our oceans

#Weareocean is the hashtag they use and how they describe themselves. Two-Thirds was born in Barcelona, conceived by Loreto and Lutz, with three kids in common, sea lovers and surfers. Two Thirds of the planet are made of oceans and that’s how the name came about. They use organic fabrics in all garments and look into minimizing waste wherever possible. They use recyclable materials in tags, packaging and don’t use toxic inks. You can find all info about how they minimize their ecological impact on their website. All garments and accessories are designed in Barcelona and Made in Portugal.

Besides using organic and sustainable fabrics, Two Thirds has partnered up with Mission Blue, an organization fighting to preserve Hope Spots in oceans. The founder, Dr. Sylvia Earl, wants to create awareness about how important it is to preserve specific places in the ocean that provide life to ecosystems all over the planet. Without them, thousands of marine species would be endangered. Also, the company donates 1€ to the NGO WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) for each sale of garments featuring the whale logo.



Their designs are fresh and with a surfer style, perfect for your day to day. The quality of the clothes is really high and they have matching sweaters for moms and kids.

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