VOLP, vegan watches designed in Valencia

VOLP really touches me as they are based in Valencia, which is my hometown and they are also good friends with one of my best friends so I feel especially proud to feature them. Ángela, the founder of the brand, is passionate about watches and has a strange fascination with the[…]

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We Wood: Plant a tree with every watch

Even if we were to dedicate our lives to plant a tree every day, nothing would really change for the millions of acres of land that are deforested daily. We are in constant need of land for farming, for building and for exploiting all natural resources we can get our hands[…]

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Banda Bags, ethnic & handmade in Indonesia

Brianna Jane is the name behind the Banda Bags brand. She traveled to Indonesia and encountered a land torn by civil war, Sharia Law and the devastating effects of a powerful tsunami. Indonesia has suffered the struggles of a war between radical Muslims and Christians for decades and, in many communities, Islamic[…]

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Animal Kids: Organic cotton baby essentials

It is incredibly satisfying to find brands like Animal Kids by chance. There are lots of people handcrafting baby goods, clothes and accessories but not everybody does it well and not everybody sets such high standard finishes as Animal Kids do. If you add organic cotton to the equation then[…]

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