Slowtrends Manifesto

We have received a number of inquiries about our website and what we do so we thought we’d dedicate a few lines to explain what Slowtrends is in a more detailed way. The reason why we are not showing our face on the blog together with the topic of each post is that we don’t want to be protagonists of anything. We are here to talk about issues, we are here to talk about projects, we are here to talk about brands and people trying to make things differently. Those are the protagonists, not us.

Our main mission is to create awareness about alternatives to mass-produced / toxic / unethical / cruel / unfair goods and products. We feel there’s a trend now where buyers are very disconnected from the products they purchase and turn a blind eye to the processes that are involved in the manufacturing of every single thing they get their hands on.

We are worried about the environment and global warming, about child labor, human trafficking, hunger, animal cruelty, pollution, endangered species… we are worried about our oceans and forests and we feel these trends need to slow down. 80% of the world’s population live on less than £10 a day to cover all their needs. More than 800 million people are undernourished in the world and yet people in privileged societies are happy living a high waste life. Buying cheap, low-quality goods produced in unfair conditions isn’t helping the planet and isn’t helping humanity. We buy now to throw away tomorrow and that needs to change.

An enormous amount of resources are involved in creating the clothes you wear, the objects you have at home, the products you apply to your skin. We need to start thinking differently and switch to a more responsible and sustainable living. We want to expose the alternatives. If you are thinking of buying cosmetics, we are giving you more ethical and eco-friendly options, if you want to buy clothes or accessories, we are suggesting what brands are making them in a more sustainable and fair way. We are abusing nature and the planet, and we definitely need to start giving back.

We don’t charge brands to appear on our blog because we believe that whole system of paying for visibility in blogs only makes big brands bigger. We research all products as much as we can and test them before talking about them. We use some of them in our daily lives. we purchase the products and contribute to the projects behind them. We only feature brands that are genuinely trying to make a difference. There are no children in danger here, there are no animals being hurt, there are no people being abused, there are no toxic chemicals going into our seas or air. Join our project and be part of something good.

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