Pleni Naturals: organic fruit based baby wash

We know how important it is to use mild and as natural as possible products on your baby’s delicate skin and we also know it is not easy to find products that are truly natural.

Most earth-conscious mums will go on a hunt for the most natural possible products right after having their first babies. We have learned that even though some brands would sell themselves as being mild for babies and natural, the truth is not all of them really are. There are lots of beautiful products for your baby’s bathtime and moisturising routines but we feel Pleni Naturals have gone one step further. The majority of products formulated organically are plant based (made mainly from formulating flowers and herbs) but Pleni Naturals have gone for fruit and vegetables. Formulating fruit and veg is incredibly difficult so we feel it is very brave of them to embark on that adventure.

Their products smell delicious and they are packed with vitamins and minerals, just as the fruit and veg inside them are. The hair and body wash is truly mild and has an easy rinse formula that helps you get rid of the froth on your baby’s body very quickly.

Honestly, a set of products that are totally worth trying.

Discover the range HERE.

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