Piu Pia, pure organic cotton softness

I am totally in love with Piu Pia. I bought a onesie and a dress for my daughter not that long ago and I was immediately amazed by the quality of the fabrics and the finishes. All garments are super soft, stretchy, functional, easy to put on wiggly babies, with neutral unisex colors and designs. Fabrics have organic and OEKO TEX 100 certification.

Claudia Carvalho is the lady behind the brand. She was born in Guimarães, in the north of Portugal, an area well known for its textile manufacturing tradition. Claudia was born herself to a family business in the fabrics industry so she knows quite well what to look for when sourcing for high-quality fabrics for her collections. All garments are made in Portugal and materials are locally sourced so the carbon footprint of the process is quite low. Collections are crafted in small batches so items are limited.


Last winter’s collection was delightful and it’s now on SALE with very limited stock available. They have just launched the spring collection with soft colors and playful designs, which you can see above. Highly recommended for the quality of the fabrics, attention to detail, designs and organic nature of the materials.

You can buy Piu Pia HERE.


Photos: Piu Pia

Instagram: @piupiababy



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