Panda Sunglasses, give the gift of vision to someone in need

Panda was born in the US in 2012 willing to provide sustainable ethical sunglasses that were durable. They use bamboo to make their sunglasses and watches ensuring that there’s minimum waste after each process and they are biodegradable. On top of using natural, organic, sustainable bamboo wood, they contribute to social causes. For every purchase of sunglasses, Panda covers the cost of prescription glasses and medical eye exams to someone in need. They also help funding schools where low-income men and women can train to become eye doctors through their partner Optometry Giving Sight. With the profits made from selling their watches, they donate to the NGO Pencils of Promise to help fund and build primary schools around the world. Help in style. Do good to yourself, others and the planet.

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Photos: Panda

Instagram: @wearpanda


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