Pai Skincare, natural formulas for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin you’ll probably understand how much of a struggle it is to find products that are suitable for your skin condition and that aren’t going to make things worse. There are hundreds of products marketed to be hypoallergenic and formulated specifically for sensitive and delicate skin but in their ingredients, they add powerful and aggressive components.

Sarah, founder of Pai Skincare, suffered in her skin the effects of using some of these products until she decided to take control of her own skin by launching her own range of cosmetics specifically addressed for sensitive skin. She pioneered naming ingredients in plain English and she’s committed to never use harsh chemicals in her products. You can see a full list of ingredients that she avoids here. Pai means “goodness” in Maori which describes what goes into their products. They use certified natural organic ingredients and pursue using recyclable containers to minimize their impact on the planet.



They have even launched their own baby range called Petit Pai as they understand that babies’ skin is the most sensitive of all.

Check out the whole range HERE.



Photos: Pai Skincare

Instagram: @paiskincare


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