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I am a big fan of rustic, ceramic kitchenware and china, anybody who knows me well, knows. There’s something special about handmade mud/ceramic goods and that’s why I got so fascinated by the story behind Nom Living.

Bich Tyler was born in Cambodia of Vietnamese parents but lived in London from teenage years. She went back to Cambodia after forming her own family and realized that craftsmanship she remembered from her childhood was still there alive. However, craftsmen and women and their creations weren’t popular in either Asia or Europe at all, so she decided she was going on a mission to bring those goods to life. She believed in fair rights for artisans and she thought she had the skills and knowledge to build up a strong connection between Cambodians/Vietnamese and Londoners. She built up relationships with Cambodian and Vietnamese craftsmen to supply her with handmade dinnerware pieces that she could ship to London. All materials used were local and that guarantees a unique finish in the products.

Her son Tim is in charge of the business now, fifteen years later. They own a small shop in Columbia Road and the studio where they design pieces in Bethnal Green in London. Birch still travels to Cambodia and Vietnam regularly to supervise the production. They provide fair wages to manufacturers and respect sustainability principles in the creating process. Many restaurants have already dressed their tables with Nom‘s dinnerware. Their collection is available online HERE.



Photos: NOM

Instagram: @nomliving


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