Noe & Paco Marín ceramics studio


To those of you that have been following the blog, it won’t be surprising that I feature another ceramics brand because you are probably aware by now that I absolutely love handmade clay products. Noe and her father, Paco have a small studio in Valencia, my hometown, where they handcraft ceramic pieces for a living. Maybe I can take their example and move back to my roots and learn ceramics myself from scratch.

Noe studied product design and ceramics in Valencia but her passion for clay was born in her childhood. Her grandparents had a small tiles business in the south of Spain and Noe grew up watching them craft every piece with love and dedication. Her own father, Paco, used often his free time to craft his own designs in ceramics. This must have definitely had an influence in Noe’s art.

Every piece is made in a traditional way, there is no mass production here and materials are locally sourced and natural which makes the process sustainable. Each product is unique and one of a kind. Noe herself also designs the packaging and labels that complete every order. She believes each final item tells a different story that is incomplete until it reaches new hands.

In her online store, you can find plates, mugs, bowls, chopping boards, serving dishes, planters, vases and other pieces that can help you decorate and organize any room in the house. All products have an adorable and minimalistic design that has really turned as her very own and unique signature. You can see a selection of her work below, check her website for more.

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Photos: noemarin

Instagram: @noemarinstudio


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