Niovi Organics, truly soft and gentle fabrics for sensitive babies

Having a baby with very sensitive and atopic skin has made me think twice about everything that comes into contact with my baby’s skin. They say our skin absorbs 60% of what’s applied to it and that made me realise how important it is to read all labels of cosmetics and lotions but also clothes. Often, clothes use harsh chemicals to treat fabrics from the get go, from the very moment the components are manufactured, and that ends up having an effect on our skin.

Since having my first child, I have truly been on a path to become a more responsible consumer and to live a more sustainable life. I’m specially concerned about everything that has to do with the kids and, where possible, I try to always choose whatever alternative is more natural on kidswear, baby toiletries and homewares. I’m not going to say I have tried every brand, because there’s an amazingly wide choice and it would be impossible to try them all, but I do have my own favourites so far.

I realised long ago that Australia is a great country in terms of environmental awareness, natural lifestyle and sustainable designs, specially with clothes. They seem to care a lot for the planet and there’s more and more brands coming on board of the sustainability ship, which is amazing. Niovi Organics is definitely my favourite for kids so far. Their fabrics are truly soft and designs are simple and functional. Everything I have tried has been a hit, extremely gentle for babies with sensitive skin and gorgeous. Also, what I like most is that they design with mums and kids in mind and all garments are super easy to fit, plus they grow with your baby as sizes are quite generous. I have recently purchased another set of clothes for a friend that’s pregnant because she has sensitive skin so I already know she will love them. All clothes are made in factories that have GOTS certification and fabrics are organic. It’s a win win.

To know more about Niovi Organics, visit their website HERE.

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