Natura Siberica, herbs and flowers that come from the snow

Surely most of you think of the word “expensive” when you come across an eco-cosmetics brand. Cosmetics aren’t cheap anyway (well, I know some are but they are probably not very good quality), however, we have just found the right balance between quality and costs. Natura Siberica was born in Siberia but it’s now based in the UK. Their products are formulated in Italy, which makes it a fully European brand. They use between 70-90% natural ingredients in most of their products.

The origins of some of the ingredients used in their products go back to around 1940 when two Russian botanists called Lazarev and Brekhman studied over 4,000 plants and herbs that grew in Siberia. They identified 12 of them with very unique qualities and they called them “adaptogens”. Those plants and herbs have managed to develop some specific active ingredients that make them amazingly resilient in very adverse weather conditions. They survive temperatures of -50⁰C and extreme winds. They can regenerate and maintain their qualities despite the circumstances. Four of them are used in lots of products from the Natura Siberica range: the Rhodiola Rosea, the Siberian Ginseng, the Limonnik Nanai and the Aralia Mandschurica. You can find a full list of the ingredients they use on their website.


Natura Siberica has created its own organic farm for growing these plants in a protected and controlled environment so they can guarantee they are not altered by external toxic factors. You can read more about the plantation here. Their products are certified natural and organic by prestigious international organizations and all their certificates are available on their website: Ecocert, Cosmos, ICEA and BDIH. They have also received international awards, like the one they got in 2013 from the British Soil Association for Best Organic Mum and Baby Product.

You can see the full range and purchase Natura Siberica here.



Photos: Natura Siberica

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