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Spring is finally here even though the weather in London seems not to be in line with the new season. However, our wardrobes and homewares are probably now starting to reflect what the spring means: light colours, pastels, flower themes, brightness, sunshine but yet still a bit of cosiness. I have very recently discovered the brand Motomo, a new Italian enterprise that designs and manufactures kids bedding goods, accessories and soft toys. I have been able to try and feel their fabrics myself and I can say without a shadow of a doubt they are really delicious. They use only organic cotton for everything they produce and the digital prints they design have also got the GOTS certification as there are no chemicals and the process is completely toxic-free.

The fabrics feel lush to the touch and they are equally suitable for babies, toddlers, older kids and even adults! The brand name stands for Monday to Monday as their products are meant for everyday use. The comfortable finishes and the simple designs make products long lasting and adequate for any season. Motomo’s range comprises of duvet covers, pillowcases, stroller pads, playmats, mobiles and even handbags and aprons! Lots of different homewares and kids goods. They manufacture everything in Italy, where we all know, there’s a very extensive and long tradition of quality fabrics. Their new collections, Pastelli and Petali have very unique, peaceful and unisex patterns that feel breezy and soothing. They can definitely help you calm your children with its mild colours and get them ready for bed. Their previous collection, Caleidoscopio has brighter and more colourful patterns, with geometric shapes that remind you what you would see if you looked through a kaleidoscope. This brings me back to my childhood as I guess it was what inspired the collection for their creators, Lorenzo and Anna Maria.

Find out more about Motomo HERE.

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