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This could be one of those posts where I add tons of photos and I never get tired of seeing them. Today, I am bringing a brand of sustainable bridal dresses. It really is now weddings high season and if you aren’t getting married yourself you are probably looking for a dress to attend a wedding. That’s exactly what I was doing and I wanted to see what was out there in terms of sustainability. Minna is exactly the style I’d go for if I was looking for a bridal dress: romantic, bohemian, simple and sweet. As they state themselves, these dresses don’t shout “you are the bride” in your face. There’s nothing excessive about them at all. They are made using sustainable fabrics that are sourced across the globe and they have a zero waste policy. The dresses are all handmade and they use cut outs and add vintage details to some of the designs. Less is more.

I have realized since I have been diving in this ocean of sustainable ethical products that most people will associate ethical or fairtrade fashion with hippies and unprofessional finishes and most would state that you cannot be elegant and eco-friendly at the same time. I strongly disagree. The slow fashion industry has grown so much you can find all kinds of styles for all kinds of people. And you can certainly be chic and while wearing fairtrade.

They can make dresses to order so they take your measurements and create a dress that’s specific for you or you can also buy the ready to wear collection off the shelf that has prices starting from only £350. As you can see, affordability is not opposed to sustainability. Minna has a sister company called Indiebride with short and ready made designs for the cool brides that don’t want to wait for a bespoke dress. You can see a selection below and you can also see a selection of evening dresses, which are, in my opinion, to die for.

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