Knitting Noodles, XL merino wool blankets and more

Knitting Noodles is a 100% spanish brand, 100% handmade and using 100% spanish materials. They use spanish organic merino wool which is very different in texture and feel than the average wool used in blankets and garments. It’s very soft, non-itchy and it can keep you cool in the summer months and warm in winter months. It’s sustainable and eco-friendly as it’s biodegradable and they don’t use toxic dyes.

Pictures of their XL blankets are shared by thousands on Instagram and Pinterest as they add a nordic and modern touch to any room in a home. They make crochet baskets, rugs, placemats, cushions and other decorative household products too and you can even get your own raw merino wool ball to create your own blanket. Check them out HERE.





Instagram: @knittingnoodles


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