Iluut, less is more

Today I’m featuring a brand that I got to know through Instagram. It is a very young brand and they have a small collection but we can already tell what’s awaiting us, will be promising. They are working right now on their next collection and we literally cannot wait to see it. The brand’s name is iluut which is the inverted form of “tuuli” that means “wind” in finnish.

At the core centre of their philosophy is transparency, and you can find a detailed list of where their materials come from and also where their processes take place on their website. They strongly believe that the fashion industry should always be clear about their processes and they hope that what they do could become a standard. It is really outrageous how the fashion industry deals with people and materials and we also hope here at Slowtrends that brands like iluut can make a difference. We wish many could follow their example.

Not only they advocate on sustainable materials and fair processes but they also donate some of their profits to Pencils of Promise to help build schools where they are most needed, and they also give their unused cuts of fabric to Carpet of Life, who make rugs in the Sahara to help its people live with dignity.

You can check out and purchase iluut here.



Instagram: iluut_official


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