Haeckels, made of Margate

I have to confess that in this particular case, it was my husband who introduced me to high-end cosmetics. With time, I have been moving further away from average-cheap cosmetic brands to those who are meant to be a bit more natural. And I say “are meant to be” because not everything is always what it seems to be. Lots of brands include the words natural and eco to sell their products but add big chemical nasties to them. On my quest to finding more eco-friendly, organic and natural cosmetics, I came across Haeckels and loved their story.

Dom, the founder of the brand, has spent his life by the ocean on the coast of Margate, England. He always heard people moaning about the presence of seaweed on the beach and how it smells and how dirty it makes the coast look. He thought there had to be beneficial ways of using seaweed and he started off by creating his own handmade soap bars to give to his friends and family over Christmas. That’s how Haeckels was born. He went on to researching the benefits of using sea elements like salt, seaweed, water, and other naturally present materials in Thalassotherapy. It comes from the greek word Thalassa which means “sea” and it uses sea elements in beauty and healing processes. Sea elements are proven to help reduce fatigue, rejuvenate and oxygenate skin, regenerate cells and cleanse.


All their products are formulated in the lab that they own in Margate, on top of a cliff, facing the ocean. As you can see in the pictures below it looks idyllic and has a natural/handmade atmosphere to it. They create their own natural fragrances upon request and bottle their products there. All containers and packaging are recyclable and/or made from recycled materials. They own one of only two unique licenses to manually extract seaweed from British coasts, which they take great pride in and see it as a responsibility to look after the environment around them. That’s why they called themselves Made of Margate, as not only the products are made there but made of bits of the place.

Try Haeckels if you are looking for cosmetics with a marine spirit and containing organic elements. Purchase HERE.



Photos: Haeckels

Instagram: @madeofmargate



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