Fysha: Handmade, small batch luxury soaps

Usually, the words handmade and small batch production tend to feel a bit far away from luxury, but in this particular case, they go hand in hand. Fysha soaps are really delightful and an absolute pleasure for the senses. I had always believed it was natural for soap bars to dry your skin to some extent and I also thought that the overpowering scents were unavoidable due to the use of essential oils. However, Fysha has been able to combine natural ingredients with pure Greek olive oil to result in a very gentle, smooth and mild-scented but yet beautiful combination for their soap range. Fysha contains only one essential oil aroma per bar so the result is not irritating for either the skin or the senses. The size and shape of the bars is perfect to fit your hand and, as you use the soap, the edges smooth so you end up with a perfect cleansing pebble that’s wholesome to both your face and body.

The lemongrass & detox activated charcoal bar is sourced from coconuts and not from willow, which contributes to its natural appeal. Event though willow charcoal shouldn’t be used as an ingredient in topical creams or other beauty products, some manufacturers use small quantities due to its versatility. Watch out for this specific active ingredient when you purchase a product that’s got charcoal and avoid it whereas possible. Fysha also uses french red clay and sea mud in other bars from the range and I can well assure you that they all smell and feel beautiful. The coco-castile is my favourite as it has a delightful mild scent. It really reminds me of those pure oil soaps I used to smell when I was young in Spain and I visited my grandma. She used to have handmade soap bars at home and I have been a big fan of these ever since. All Fysha soaps are ultra gentle and free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, harmful chemicals, colouring agents and palm oil.

Her creator Amina, believes in using only natural and essential ingredients and avoids the use of anything superfluous. There are no more than eight ingredients in their soaps and for her, mother nature is the best source. As Amina is based in the UK at the moment, she locally sources her ingredients except for the olive oil that comes from Greece. Olive oil contributes to the nourishing nature of the soaps as it has nutritional properties. The word Fysha comes from the combination of the Greek word “fysis” which means “nature” and HA taken from the word “handmade”. All ingredients used are organic where possible and of superior food-grade quality. It means that you could almost eat the soap and you’d be fine. Don’t try to do it on my account though, but they smell so good that you’d surely want to bite them. They are also vegan, which is always a good bonus.

You can learn more about Fysha HERE.

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