From babies with love, donate to children in need worlwide

Since I became a mom, everything that has to do with babies (especially vulnerable babies and children) makes me get very emotional. Not that I was a hard stone before but I think I subconsciously now look for brands that are socially involved with children. That’s why I got very impressed with what From babies with love do. They founded the brand to design and sell super cute baby clothes (up to 24 months) and accessories to raise funds that could help orphans around the world.

From babies with love are based in England and they partner up with British designers that help them with the designs. Garments feature animals that are made with the shape of postal items like letters, postcards, and stamps. They use organic cotton in all garments. All profits go to the project called SOS Children’s Villages which raises funds to help orphans around the world. They assign SOS mothers to children that have lost their parents and have nobody to turn to. The project ensures they can get off the streets and slums and grow up in a loving family-like environment.

It probably breaks your heart to think about these children but now you can do something about it. Every little helps. Their clothes are adorable, their stuffed teddies are super cute and original and they also have nursery prints.

Support them HERE.






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