Ecoalf, upcycling the Mediterranean coast

We should be ashamed by the state of our seas and oceans, yet we seem to only feel bad when we see it in news that some piece of garbage has killed a marine animal. However, we do very little about it. We keep on fly tipping in beaches and throwing rubbish in the sea. Plastic bottles, packaging, paper, cardboard, synthetic residues… we don’t get to see it all as only 20% of it floats on the surface, but it’s there. The 80% that sinks to the bottom, it’s actually much harder to remove.

Ecoalf has started an ambitious and complex project. They believe there’s potential in that rubbish and they have designed and implemented the infrastructure needed to collect, classify and process that marine rubbish to turn it into high-quality clothes that you can wear. With their own partners and allies, Ecoalf works with fishermen in the Valencian Community, in Spain, to collect tons of waste from the sea. Since the 15th September 2015, they have collected 59 tons of rubbish. You can watch a video on their website that explains the process in detail.


The collected waste is usually very poor quality due to the effects of the water, the salts, and the sun but they can extract the purest elements that they then use to create high-quality yarn. The idea is to completely transform the clothing industry so that we don’t use virgin materials from our planet, “because there’s no Planet B“. We should really start moving to reusing existing and recycled materials so that we don’t end up exhausting nature. I find it very necessary to support projects like Ecoalf as funding towards these modern technologies should increase dramatically. A truly 360 degrees brand: eco-friendly, sustainable and an ethical approach to clothing.

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