Desideratum, ties for conscious gentlemen

Not at all common to find a tie brand that cares so much about the environment, animals and the way the garments are crafted. I am totally aware that fashion is something that attracts men and women alike and on this current crusade that I am in to become a more conscious human being, I have encountered brands and products of all sorts. However, and it might be only based on the fact that it’s not the most essential piece in a wardrobe, Desideratum is the only one purely focused on designing and manufacturing ties for men. They really pay so much attention to detail that the finishes are exquisite. I am totally in love with them, and so is my husband.

Each tie is handmade in Spain, respecting the welfare of workers and they are made from microfiber textiles that come mainly from Italy, from a supplier that has Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certifications. Desideratum doesn’t want to use silk so that they can be cruelty free as thousands of cocoons from silkworms have to be killed to obtain silk. They are also certified vegan as a result of their practices.

I have to say I was amazingly surprised by the quality of the fabrics and the finishes and how they have even gone the extra mile and added buttonholes at the back of the tie so that it can be attached to the shirt when wearing it if you don’t want it to move. I think they are an honest example of true craftsmanship and so I strongly recommend them. Their packaging is recyclable and beautiful and easily reusable.

I feel strongly about these cravattes as my husband wore one of them for our daughter’s second birthday and I think him and Desideratum are the perfect match! Don’t you think? See below. Lush.

Find out more about them on their website.

Follow their Instagram @desideratumcravatte.

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