The Conscious Christmas Pop Up

We have combined our forces with the beautiful ladies at to organise a Christmas Pop Up in the very heart of London on the 14th December. For only one day, we will be introducing local brands that have gone the ethical way and their sustainable, eco-friendly products. If you[…]

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Noe & Paco Marín ceramics studio

A los que venís siguiendo el blog, no os va a sorprender que hable de nuevo de cerámica porque ya sabéis que me apasiona. Quizás en mi próxima vida pueda dedicarme a ello, aunque tenga que aprender de cero. Hoy os voy a enseñar algunas de las piezas que crean Noe y su padre Paco en un pequeño estudio de Valencia.

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Verónica Moar, handmade ceramics

If you are a ceramic lover, you are gonna love Verónica Moar’s artwork. I guess ceramics are considered a craft but they should be elevated to the art category, in my humble opinion, as you can really find some special pieces out there. She has always been a crafty soul and[…]

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La Platanera, graphic printing from A Illa d’Arousa

I deeply admire those who pursue their dreams and turn them their lives. Andrea Fernández is the creative soul behind La Platanera. She has put together a special place on a tiny island north of Pontevedra in Galicia (Spain) where creativity is at the center of everything. She designs, draws and[…]

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Nom Living, made for the design conscious home

I am a big fan of rustic, ceramic kitchenware and china, anybody who knows me well, knows. There’s something special about handmade mud/ceramic goods and that’s why I got so fascinated by the story behind Nom Living. Bich Tyler was born in Cambodia of Vietnamese parents but lived in London[…]

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Knitting Noodles, XL merino wool blankets and more

Knitting Noodles is a 100% spanish brand, 100% handmade and using 100% spanish materials. They use spanish organic merino wool which is very different in texture and feel than the average wool used in blankets and garments. It’s very soft, non-itchy and it can keep you cool in the summer months[…]

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