Bird Aprons, a new twist on how to wear aprons

It is not the most common piece of apparel and most people wouldn’t even consider it part of a usual wardrobe but Bird Aprons want to transform the way we see aprons. They are trying to redefine and redesign the concept and the look of the classic apron to bring it out to the streets and repurpose it.

Bird Aprons was founded by the designing hands of Tiziana Turcato and Marta Hereu in Barcelona. They both studied fashion and design and were enthusiasts of patterns, needlework, and dressmaking. The center of their project was always going to be the fabrics. To them, fabrics can tell a story and they are committed to rescue fabrics from abandoned warehouses and factories, wardrobes and boot sales and give them a second life. You can read more about their philosophy here. The materials they use come from Europe, which helps them keep their sustainability manifesto. Each piece is unique as it is handmade by both Tiziana and Marta, together with their partner José Lahoz in their studio in Barcelona.


Besides aprons, which can be customized, they handcraft accessories like big carrier bags and totes and also pencil cases.

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Instagram: @birdaprons



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