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I try not to buy clothes just because anymore. I have learnt with time that clothes cost resources (human and natural) even though it’s not always easy to see through high street prices. Lots of people are involved in the making and lots of natural resources (like water and soil) are used in the processes that bring you each garment. Not appreciating this sacrifices means paying no respect to yourself, and the planet. Some statistics I have come across online state that most garments bought from the high streets are worn only an average of 4 times, which is pure evil. And the saddest bit is that most of us do not even think of giving clothes a second chance by selling them in car boots or giving them away to charities. Most unwanted clothes end up in landfill. And that is outrageous.

I’m not saying that we should spend a fortune on clothes so that we value them more and keep them for longer. Me, like probably most of you, like a bargain. Although I go shopping less and less, the truth is I spend more time shopping online now and I really love online stores that keep a SALE section all year around. It’s a much tidier way of shopping for sales, I just find it easier and less stressful.

A few months ago, I found out about Beaumont and loved the styles. Everything is very practical, like everyday essentials but with an urban trendy twist. All garments are made in Portugal and materials used are mainly but not exclusively organic cotton (GOTS certified) and bamboo. Bamboo is a highly efficient and sustainable material as it’s very easy to grow and crops are very low maintenance which means they don’t need many resources to cultivate them. It is also biodegradable.



At Beaumont, you’ll find casual but also sophisticated looks with a very comfy wear. Fabrics are high quality so your clothes will last for a very long time. That is part of the philosophy of the brand. There’s also accessories like beanies and scarves and also bags and backpacks. Most of the bags are made with vegetable-tanned leather that comes from the end of rolls. This is an efficient and conscious way to use leather but it also requires a bit more of an effort for it to be kept as new as you cannot really expose the pieces to aggressive temperatures that could deteriorate the dyes. They have also just launched their new collection of luxury candles, you can find them here.


The brand designer and founder, Hannah, wanted to create a line of clothing that could work in a cosmopolitan environment but also very versatile in any other setting. Her consciousness about the environment is present throughout the collection and it also brings a social factor. She spent some time in a community in Fiji that opened her mind to a world of very limited resources. In 2008, Hannah started her one Foundation to help those communities build new hospitals and schools. She dedicates 1% of her yearly profits to fund projects in Fiji.

You can find out more about Beaumont here.


Photos: Beaumont Organic

Instagram: @beaumontorganic


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