Banda Bags, ethnic & handmade in Indonesia

Brianna Jane is the name behind the Banda Bags brand. She traveled to Indonesia and encountered a land torn by civil war, Sharia Law and the devastating effects of a powerful tsunami. Indonesia has suffered the struggles of a war between radical Muslims and Christians for decades and, in many communities, Islamic groups have forced people to oblige to Sharia Law, even though it’s unconstitutional.

Despite the adversity of their own circumstances, communities in many Indonesian islands have managed to keep traditions alive. Brianna made it her pursuit to provide artisans with fair wages and jobs and started exporting handcrafted bags to the United States. Banda Bags are handmade and cruelty-free as none of the materials used come from animal sources. They are made with nylon and ethnic traditional embroidery. Every item is unique and different from one another. Purchasing Banda Bags helps these communities in Indonesia have a better prospect of future.

Designs include weekender bags, backpacks, handbags, clutches, wallets and shell bags. You can check out the full range HERE.


Photos: Banda Bags

Instagram: @bandabags


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