Animal Kids: Organic cotton baby essentials

It is incredibly satisfying to find brands like Animal Kids by chance. There are lots of people handcrafting baby goods, clothes and accessories but not everybody does it well and not everybody sets such high standard finishes as Animal Kids do. If you add organic cotton to the equation then the end result is second to none. If you are looking for inspiring essentials for kids, mums and babies, look no more, you’ve found your match.

They are making their way through to a sustainable existence by making items that have a low impact on the planet. They use certified organic cotton grown without pesticides. They use dyes on their prints that have a very high performance while maintaining a low-key pollution profile.


Inspired by nature, their designs feature wild animals, woodland creatures, birds, African landscapes, feathers and aquatic species. They are gender neutral and suitable for all ages. Besides their baby and mum essentials (like bibs, sleeping bags, cape towels and nappy changing mats, amongst others) they have also created a line for the room which includes duvet covers and toy sacks. All items are very practical and convenient for any stage of growth and the bigger bags could even be used for a weekend escapade.

Behind Animal Kids there’s two people, which means essentially, only four hands. They create the patterns and handmake every single item in Spain. Every product is original and unique due to its handmade nature and all collections have limited editions. I must confess myself that I thought I was in love with their Trees collection but I have to say I absolutely just adore them all now, wouldn’t be able to pick only one.

Discover the Animal Kids world HERE.

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