Ami Iyök: Truly natural advanced ecosmetics

Ami Iyök is the name that the Bribrí tribe in Costa Rica give to their mother nature. They believe in using what nature provides as beauty and healing treatments. This is what inspired the birth of the brand and it’s at the top of their philosophy.

Ami Iyök defines perfectly well what the Slow Movement is about in regards to cosmetics. They believe in Slow Ageing, using the latest technology combined with the most powerful and effective natural active ingredients. The results are high-end cosmeceuticals with proven effectiveness and luxury performance. Their composition is certified Nature GMBH and EcoControl and all their ingredients come from controlled organic plantations (FSC). The packaging is recycled and can be repurposed, and the violet glass containers are made using biophotonic technology. It protects the formulas and ingredients from visible light and allows only a small amount of UV-A and infrared radiation to penetrate.

The brand was born in Barcelona after years of hard-work and international research performed by the founder, Elena. She really wanted to create a cosmetics brand that made a difference, with organic natural ingredients, effective and eco-friendly. She has mastered the art of blending the most powerful and efficient ingredients in very high concentrations so the result is astonishing. The products have received prestigious international awards like the Beauty Challenger Awards in París as Best Organic Brand, the Senses Awards and they were finalists also in the Beauty Shortlist UK.

On top of all this, they also launched a range of products for pets called My Pet Soap. Specially designed cruelty-free products for dogs’ bathtime. Their natural essential oils act as natural repellents and the delicates textures are super gentle to your dog’s skin and hair.

You can watch their first corporate video below that synthesizes the essence of the brand, their environmental commitment, and philosophy. It was produced by the fantastic team at TheTreeOnTheSea.

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