AmaElla: ethical lingerie inspired by nature

It really is inspiring to come across brands like AmaElla and people like Julie and Lara, who were determined to change the status quo in the fashion industry.

With several years experience in the fashion and business industries, AmaElla co-founders, Julie (France) and Lara (Spain) put their brains to work together towards bringing to life a lingerie brand that could truly make a difference. They spent months researching for the right fabrics that were durable, beautiful, ethically made and that came from only the highest quality certified organic cotton. They decided the current high street and high fashion brands were doing things completely the wrong way around and spotted a gap in the underwear sector that they thought they could smartly fill in. And they did brilliantly. When researching for cotton underwear, everything seemed to be too basic and not that well designed. They were convinced they could come up with a range of lingerie that could be both feminine and comfortable, made with certified organic cotton that would be transpirable and soft.

Their range today comprises of two briefs, two bras, a pyjama set and a negligée. You can definitely feel the high quality of the fabrics to the touch and the designs are elegant, with a hint of vintage style but beautifully refined. They manufacture in the UK and Portugal and both studios they use follow ethical guidelines and are certified. They use a studio in North London that’s part of a program that guarantees ethical and sustainable supply chains. The studio they use in Portugal is GOTS certified. AmaElla advocates transparency and they explain their philosophy in more detail on their website.

I am totally in love with the pieces and I have experienced the softness and quality of the fabrics first hand. They have really come up with a range that has a purpose, with environmental and social values, beautiful elegant designs and super comfy to wear on a daily basis. I think the pyjama set is the sexiest you can get this summer in terms of nightwear and it features a velvet string for extra sophistication. The lingerie is thought to perfection. The seams on the bikini briefs are on the front and they are designed to be flat so you won’t get those dreadfully uncomfortable marks on the sides of your thighs and waist. The bras have strings that can be crossed at the back or worn straight depending on the top you are wearing.

Learn more about AmaElla and purchase their range HERE.

Photos: AmaElla

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