About Us

We are so glad you are here. If you have got to this page is because you care about what we do and agree with the values that we are trying to promote, thanks a lot for that. All we want at Slowtrends is spreading the word about amazingly beautiful products and brands that are making a big effort to do things differently for the sake of our planet, animals and all of us. The more we are, the more things can change. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to look after the environment and one another. We care about nature and the environment, we care about animals and we care about people, no matter where they are or how they look like. We are increasingly worried about climate change, pollution, cruelty towards animals, slavery, human trafficking, child abuse, extinct species, deforestation, waste and, in general, everything that is threatening the planet. Here at Slowtrends, you’ll only find truly natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products that we present as alternatives to the well-established/mass produced goods that you’d find everywhere.

Our mission is to create awareness about the fact that we cannot continue following the fast-paced trends that lead consumers to be disconnected from the background of each product they purchase. Every decision we make has an impact but we really have to make a bit of an effort for that impact to be as small as possible so that we can enjoy a healthier and fairer planet tomorrow.

We are working on creating a shop at the moment so please, bear with us while we get everything up and running. In the meantime, head to our blog and read our latest reviews of ethically produced goods. We don’t charge brands to be featured in our blog but we only feature brands that follow our ethos and that we believe in. We think that whole system of promoting only brands that can pay a fee is wrong because it only makes big brands bigger. Be part of something good.

Be kind to the planet, animals, others and yourself. Live slow.

Photo: Brooke Cagle